Useful maintenance tips for your artificial lawn

The very reason why people turn to fake grass from natural grass is to cut down on the maintenance time and cost. It is a well-known fact that artificial lawns don’t require water or mowing but it still needs some basic maintenance effort to keep it in the best shape possible. Unlike natural lawns, maintenance of artificial grass is both easy and less time-consuming. There is no need to buy expensive equipment like a sprinkler or lawnmower, but a small brush or leaf blower will be fruitful.

Raking or brushing

Artificial grass is made up of fibers which stands tall like natural grass. These are flexible and revert back to their original shape after being bent. When your kids or pets walk on the lawn or you place heavy objects like furniture on them, the fibers tend to bend and lose their shape. This will impact the overall look of the lawn. Fortunately, you can bring them back to their original position by gently brushing or raking them. Use synthetic bristles and strictly avoid metal bristles as they may damage the lawn. It is important to keep the fake grass stand up tall for a good appearance, once you allow it to bend; it will lose its charm.


There is absolutely no need to water the artificial grass but you might need to clean them with water if you have pets. Rain is the best lawn cleaner you can ever get. It will drain away any dirt on them with ease. If you have pets that constantly urinate on the turf, then it might develop some bad odor. Over a period of time, it will change color too. All you need is a garden hose to rinse off the turf. If you notice some tough stains a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar will do the trick. Rinsing will not only keep the turf clean but also keep it fresh.

Blow off debris

It is common for trees to shed leaves on your turf. It is not mandatory to clean them immediately but they have to be removed eventually. If you leave the leaves or any other organic material to decompose on the turf, it will attract insects and bacteria. All you need is a leaf blower to gently blow off all the dry leaves and materials that fall on the artificial lawn. Remember to always use the blower and never use the vacuum as it might destroy the turf fibers. If you have plants or trees that attract too many birds or squirrels you can consider moving them away from the lawn. Birds and squirrels will leave a lot of droppings which will damage the turf.

Allow the snow to melt naturally

This is not a maintenance activity but just a useful tip. If you witness a lot of snow falling on your turf, there is nothing to worry. Your artificial grass is designed to take any amount of snow. The key thing here is not to remove the snow by yourself but instead allow it to melt over time. When you manually remove snow, the process might damage the fibers on the lawn.